Enter the Mystery: The Emerald Path of the Alchemical Priestess

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Enter the Mystery: The Emerald Path of the Alchemical Priestess

The Emerald Circle

The 13 Moon Mystery School Initiation

seedoflife@2x13 moon


 Feel Her in the heartbeat womb of the earth,
rising from the ashes of our ancestors.
With each breath, She remembers.
With each breath, She is being born.
Feel Her iridescent phoenix wings dance in the fire.
See Her shift…
Her body,
feathers of a rainbow,
penetrating you, becoming you,
transforming pain into a colorful display of love.
Can you feel Her, sister?
She wraps Her peacock feathers around you,
infusing you with Her alchemical elixir of Love.
She is calling you:
It is time to be seen.
It is time to reveal your luminescent beauty.
It is time to ignite your inner flame and spread your golden-winged heart.
Are you ready to embrace Her as you?
Are you ready?


We are collectively birthing a new archetype: The Alchemical Priestess.
We are rising, igniting Her, birthing Her within us.
She is asking us to stand in our magnificent beauty, heal ourselves, and come home to our Essence being.
She is spreading Her wings within our hearts, calling us to fully show up in service to the Divine Feminine.
She says:
It is time!
It is time to herald the healing of all beings on this planet, beloved.
Become a vessel of my Love.
Let us soften the heart of the world.


The Divine Feminine is ready to live through you.
Are you ready to embrace Her within you?

What is the Emerald Circle?


This is an invitation-only, deeply intimate, initiation circle for 13 sisters devoted to being in loving service.
Over the course of nine moons, we will meet online — with the Sapphire Circle — and gather for two in-person retreats.
This circle is an opportunity to dive into the 13 Moon™ Mystery School lineage while experiencing the power of being in live transmission and embodied practice with a potent circle.
Each sister in the circle will be interviewed, assuring their dedication to going the distance to create the most naked, honest, vulnerable, tender, and fierce alchemical crucible for individual and collective transmutation.
And the transformation is real, beloved: The Emerald Circle places you directly on the Path of Ordination with the 13 Moon™ Mystery School.

Are you ready for your invitation?

Are you ready to devote yourself to Her?

Do you feel Her passion rising up your spine

— raw, free, powerful —

Calling you to place that golden crown upon your head and claim your Ecstatic Queendom?

She is burning away that which no longer serves you so that the collective can heal.

Oh, the Alchemical Priestess is being birthed through the Shakti Fire of our hearts.

Are you Her vessel?

Are you ready to embody Her?

Do you feel called to this level of commitment?

We will enter sacred space together with the intention and agreement that all within it are on a soul quest, amplifying the healing of each one of us.
It is a time to dissolve all that no longer serves you so that your Essence is revealed, then ignited as a flame for all to see.
Through this transformational process, you will will be held and witnessed in a sacred crucible where we sit eye to eye and heart to heart. Here, the possibility for transmutation on the individual and collective level is profound.

Then the magic happens: We become One Heart, healing itself from the inside out.


Do you feel the pull to embrace Her, sit in a circle with sisters, and to wholeheartedly commit to the Priestess Path?



This is for you, sister, if you…

  • Know you came here to BE the alchemy of Love and healing light on the planet.
  • Know in your deepest Essence — in the center of your heart — that you are being called to step onto the path of the Alchemical Priestess.
  • Choose to open yourself to radical and life changing transformation.
  • Feel called to step onto the Path of Priestess Ordination with the 13 Moon Mystery School lineage.

Are you:

  • Willing to move things out of the way and do what it takes to be of service?
  • Committed and dedicated to going the distance?
  • Devoted to being a vessel of Love and transmutation?
  • Called to deepen and remember specific Priestess skills and tools?
  • Hearing the call to be a catalyst for change in our world?
  • Yearning to immerse in the power of the ancient-future teachings and rites of deep alchemy?
  • Ready to fully enter the Mystery and be of devoted service to Her?


Does this resonate through the very Essence of your being?

If so, you are invited to sit in meditation and feel into whether you are ready to enter a deep level of initiation and step fully into being a passionate, ecstatic Priestess in service to the healing world.

Sisters have told me that the Priestess Presence Online Mysterium was not for the feint of heart; however, this circle requires a more profound commitment and readiness to stand in Divine Feminine Leadership and clear the way to be a vessel of embodied love.

Beloveds, this is the raw, powerfully ripe circle that many of you have been waiting for…


The Alchemical Path


This nine moon initiation is a powerful alchemical path.FOnt UP a size
It is a journey, a birthing, that takes place within a consecrated and sealed container with other sisters who are dedicated, courageous soul travelers on a path of deep healing, wholing, and embodied Essence.
The ancient-future sacred technology of the Alchemical Priestess gives us a map to transmute the nigredo — or shadow — into the gold of our Essence.

Entering an alchemical path is a choice to surrender into the mystery of the Unknown and choose to let go into the greater unfolding of who you came here to be.


This intimate Initiate Circle will invite and challenge you to walk the principles, values, and facets of the Alchemical Priestess Credo:

  • The Priestess as a resonant holder of a new paradigm of feminine leadership.
  • “Leading” from heart by creating resonant fields of energy. This is about creating sacred space for transformation to naturally occur.
  • Sovereign Union: standing in the autonomy and truth of your own heart while being intimately connected to the One.
  • Resonant Authority: the commitment to stand as loving, devoted service … even when challenged.
  • Devoted Service: all actions being sourced from a place of adoration, joy, and upliftment.
  • Vulnerability: the willingness to be imperfectly perfect.
  • Heart Accountability: being in integrity with your own truth as it unfolds in every moment while also having the willingness to be in authentic relationship with others who will mirror your resonance so that you may feel whether you are aligned in love.
  • Inclusivity and equality: everyone is included in the circle of life; no one needs an invitation.
  • Non-expert status: we are mirrors, reflecting back each other’s truth and wisdom.
  • Seeing the brilliance of the other and shining that light on them.
  • The willingness to sit with the paradox and the Unknown.


Beloved, it is safe to begin practicing our skills again.
And the world needs us to do this.
We are here now, sister.
Do you feel the call to be initiated, sister?

What is the 13 Moon Mystery School Priestess Ordination Path?

The Path of Ordination is different for each being. As you step into the feeling harmonic of this path, the frequency is unassailable. Like sitting in the presence of Amma, you know you are in the presence of Divine Love: That is what we are holding for this 13 Moon™ lineage … that you walk as a vessel of Divine Love.
This is demonstrable in so far as everyone else around you can feel it; it is felt because much time has been devoted to clearing away anything that is not in the frequency of Love.
The Ordination Path is not a lightweight commitment with a rubber-stamp completion.
Ordination comes down to demonstrating that you walk as a vessel of Empty Presence and thus can alchemize and transmute through your presence and Love alone.
When you join this circle and enter the Mystery of your heart and remembrance, you will be held accountable to walking as Her.
We have offered a general direction toward the goal of ordination — as a guideline — to follow. You can read more about the specifics here.

In commitment to the deep level of work we will do, there is space for only 13 initiates who are called to enter this path.



If you are feeling called, sister, the temple invites you to sit with these questions:

  • At this potent time, are you willing to be Her eyes, Her hands, Her heart, and Her being in loving, ecstatic action in every moment of your day?  
  • Are you ready to “attune” yourself in service to your deeper Essence Being?
  • Are you called to deepen your alignment, coherency, and integrity in service to your soul work in the world?
  • Are you open to remember a love that flows within you that is so full, so unconditional – a love that has been waiting to flood into your being – in service to your deepest mission and purpose on this planet?
  • Are you prepared to undergo a powerful initiation that will ask you to deal with all aspects of yourself that have been in the way of your being of service? (Are you ready to let it go whatever IT is?)
  • Are you willing to be held accountable to who you are being inside your soul-crafted business?
  • Are you ready to be asked difficult questions, to be held to your own sacred commitments … even when it is hard?
  • Are you ready to step forward as a Priestess within your own realm of service and be a courageous, bold, innovative vessel for the healing of our world?
  • Are you willing to live fully and move mountains inside and outside to show up?

If, so beloved, then you may apply to have a personal deepening session so we can sit with what is calling you to this path at this time.

Apply Here >>



The Journey: Initiate Circle Delivery

The Emerald Circle: An Online &In-Person Immersion

Program includes:bold

The program includes everything that is in the sapphire circle AND
two live, in-person, six day retreats where you will sit in circle and receive all 13 archetypal temple initiations.

Retreat 1: April 1st – April 8th 2016, Sonoma, California

1. Great Mother-1

Come and be deeply held in the sanctified beauty of Elayne Kalila’s home temple, a space that has been lovingly dedicated as a sacred temple to the Divine Feminine. This is a rare opportunity for you to be immersed in the intimacy and deep comfort of Elayne Kalila’s sanctuary. Please note that all ceremonies will take place at her home temple; your divine and beautiful sleeping temple will be close by.

We will be deepening into the Initiation Temples with The Great Mother, The Goddess of Compassion, The Priestess, The Creator Destroyer, The Lady of Communion, and The Muse.

Retreat 2: Nov 4th -11th, 2016: Ramashala Retreat Center, Big Island Hawaii.

Oh Goddess, we are so blessed. Where else can you imagine immersing in the power, beauty, and alchemical intensity other than in the fire and water of this amazing volcanic island! This healing retreat center is just minutes from the beach and the healing waters. And of course, located on the sacred lands of Pele and the Haleakalā volcano. This is a potent temple land for us to immerse in whilst we travel through our temple initiation gateways.

We will be deepening into the Initiation Temples with The Goddess of Love, The Primal Goddess, The Initiator, The Wise Woman, The Weaver Dreamer, The Queen of Death, and The Alchemical Goddess.

Rama 2

Both Retreats Include:

  • An evening opening ceremony.
  • 6 full days of immersive archetypal temple initiations.
  • Opportunity to deepen heart connections and practice with your Sisters.
  • Three organic meals a day, served to you!
  • Healthy gorgeous goddess delights (think home made alchemically infused chocolate, fruits of the earth, decadence, and beauty mixed in divine ecstasy!).
  • Time for Sacred Tool making (think Blood Bowls, Wands, etc.).
  • Shared accommodations in a beautiful setting. There will be a mixture of doubles, triples and dormitories.
  • Exquisite nature and time to drink from the well of Her beauty.
  • Other wonderful Priestessing surprises along the way for sure!
  • Morning closing ceremony.

What is not included:

  • Your Airfare
  • Car Rental
  • Any additional massage, anointing sessions that you may choose to have.

Additional Emerald Circle Benefits:

Chalice- R1

Powerful Seed Activation with Kalila Sophia

A deep-dive session to access and activate the seed of who you came here to be. Like a seed syllable in a mantra, there is a sacred sound that lives within us, a seed that yearns to be expressed. It is the potency of your gorgeous divinity, your unmistakable being-ness. It is who you are with no effort, with no trying. It is what simply exudes from you when you are in alignment with it. You can learn more here.


Three personal 1:1 coaching sessions with Kalila Sophia

These can be used to deepen your alchemical journey, to receive extra support with any challenges you might face, or to explore how you are being called to stand more fully in essence of devoted service at this time.
(Must be redeemed by the end of December 2016.)
You will also have personal access to Elayne Kalila via her private email during the entirety of this program.

Personalized Alchemical Anointing Elixir

Created by Kalila Sophia. Using her archetypal assessment system, Kalila Sophia will create your very own personalized blend of powerful and potent essential oils. Using precious flowers, roots, and herbs she will create a blend that is unique to you and your journey.
(Given at the first in-person retreat.)


13 Moon Oracle: Temple Box Set

A Journey Through the Archetypal Faces of the Divine Feminine is an inner roadmap, an entryway into the Mystery offering a holographic form and alchemical map for your consciousness to effortlessly enter into a higher order of reality with ecstasy and joy. Composed of a deck of 39 cards (13 Archetypal cards, 13 Sacred Tool cards, 13 Frequency cards), an oracular throwing mat, three tokens in a pouch, four CDs and a guidebook, The 13-Moon Oracle will help you access deeper spiritual clarity and internal guidance. You can work with these archetypal energies by drawing and meditating upon one or more cards in conjunction with the corresponding oracle text in the guidebook. Designed to use individually or in a group, the moon mat and throwing tokens will assist you in going deeper into the Mystery.
(given at the first in-person retreat)


Ongoing Collaborations in the Priestess Presence Temple:

As a sister who is choosing to come the distance we will be in an intimate circle. Within this context, we will open ourselves to the kinds of collaborations and share co-creations that may want flower from and between us. We have no idea what these will be. I plant the seed here that this circle is intended to serve as deep catalyst to your showing up in your magnificence in devoted service to the world. I am here to serve that in whatever is the highest good!

AND of course, beloved, you receive everything that is in the Sapphire Online Circle:



  • Three live temples each moon for nine months:
  • Temple 1 each moon: live video Initiation Temple, diving into one of the 13 faces of the Divine Feminine as laid out in the 13 Moon Mystery school Lineage. (Total of 13 live Initiation Temples over nine months.)
  • Temple 2 each moon: live 90 minute, in-depth Deepening Practices Temple. In these temples we will focus on deepening the tools that each archetype is training in our consciousness and embodiment practices. (Total of 13 live Deepening Practices Temples over nine months.)
  • Temple 3 each moon: Alchemical Sister Circle. You will be placed in sister circles that are group facilitated with guidelines provided by the temple; this is a chance for you to further deepen your practices, support one another, and build connection. We encourage you to share your experience of being in sisterhood back into the main circle.
  • Sister Confidant: You will be highly encouraged to join with one sister to have a monthly check-in with; you could choose to do this more often if you are called. This is a chance to go further into the deepening inquiries and practices; you’ll be given questions to ask, skills to practice, and asked to sit in empty presence together. We recommend you use Skype. We will provide guidelines for this.
  • 4 Deepening Q&A Calls over the nine months: We come together as a temple to share and deepen into a seminal enquiry of this Mystery School Path. Each call will have a specific topic and we will hold space similar to a group coaching session.
  • Walking as the Divine Feminine Meditation Program: A total of 26 audios and supporting practices that offer deepening gateways into each one of the archetypes.
  • Beautifully detailed handouts for each temple with deepening practices to further your exploration.
  • Additional videos for each Initiation Temple.
  • Illustrated Deep Dive Online Journal.
  • Online Membership to Priestess Presence Mothership where you will be able to view all materials and download at your leisure.
  • Powerful and potent online Facebook Temple to deepen your connection to the sisters and to amplify the alchemy.
  • You will receive a certificate at the end of the 9 months stating that they have completed the Emerald Path — which is the completion of Gateway 4.
Please note that the Sister Circle (which meets each moon) is not mandatory, but it is a way to deepen into the practices.
The temple will provide:

  • Guidelines on how to facilitate the Sister Circle, including a video training.
  • The segmentation of the groups via time zone. We aim to have around six sisters per group.
  • A platform for connecting each moon (an international conference call number).
  • Questions to ask so that you can sit in empty presence together.
  • Structure to help stay in empty presence.



You may apply to have a personal deepening session so we can sit with what is calling you to this path at this time.

Apply Now



Frequently Asked Questions:

[toggle title=”Q: What is your refund policy?“]A: Your satisfaction with this course is my highest priority! AND we highly encourage you to enter into a deep meditation about whether you are called to this path at this time. Please read here the full disclaimer and also the cancellation policy.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: How are the temple sessions conducted?“] A: All temple sessions are offered on live stream video via your computer. These sessions are recorded so that if you cannot attend live, you can access the recording. During the live sessions you will be able to ask questions via the live chat.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: What day and time will the temple sessions take place?“] A: Our usual class schedule will be Tuesdays at noon PST. You will have three temples per month. Two are live with me. One is a sister circle. The weeks rotate in the following way:
Tuesday 1: Archetypal Temple
Tuesday 2: You receive deepening practices via email?
Tuesday 3: Sister Circle
Tuesday 4: Next Archetypal Temple
Tuesday 5: You receive deepening practices via email?
Tuesday 6: Sister Circle
Tuesday 7: Next Archetypal Temple

Please plan that most of your Tuesdays each week will have temple time. There will be some weeks where we will shift this schedule to accommodate the times we have deepening practices. During those weeks, we will not meet live so that you can truly integrate your practices. We will have two weeks that are designated as “Alchemical Integration” time.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Q: What is the online Community Temple?”]This is a private Facebook group that is only for members of the Enter the Mystery Initiation Circle. You will be able to meet and dialogue with your sisters all over the world. Elayne Kalila will be an active member of this group, so you can ask questions and garner her support in this forum as well.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: Can I get benefit from the course if I miss the live classes?”] Absolutely! You can download the recordings and transcripts of all temple sessions on the Enter the Mystery page on the Priestess Presence membership site, so you never need to worry about missing live calls. You can also engage the full sisterhood on the private online temple (on Facebook).[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: How can I reach Customer Support?”]A: Please visit the Customer Support section on the homepage where you should be able to find help, whatever your question. And if you can’t, please submit an online request form and we’ll get right back to you. The email address again is: [email protected].[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: How will I need to prepare for our retreats?”]A: You will receive a detailed document that outlines the details of the each of the retreats. Including details so that you can arrange your transportation, items that you may need to bring, ways that you can prepare etc.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: What are the retreat accommodations?”]A: At both retreats the rooms are shared: doubles, triples and some with 4 or 5 per room.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: How am I invited to share my personal experience in this circle?
“]A: As we move through our initiations, you may experience coming face-to-face with some of your shadows or past experiences – whether in this lifetime or another.
Seek support from the sisters in our temple as we are here to be sacred witnesses to one another. Please review the Sacred Shared Agreements on what witnessing looks like in this temple space.
Please state explicitly if you are in need of witnessing or to be mirrored/given advice. In the 13 Moon Mystery School lineage, we hold the belief that we are whole, unbroken, and that we have all the answers within us. Witnessing is powerful, because when we do, we are allowing our other sisters to know they are seen and heard from a place of unconditional love and trust that they have the answers within them.

[toggle title=”Q: When do we meet in person?”]A: We will meet in person for two live 6 day retreats.
Retreat 1: April 1st – April 8th 2016, Sonoma, California.
We will be deepening into the Initiation Temples with The Great Mother, The Goddess of Compassion, The Priestess, The Creator Destroyer, The Lady of Communion, and The Muse.
Retreat 2: November 4th – 11th, 2016: Ramashala Retreat Center, Big Island Hawaii.
We will be deepening into the Initiation Temples with The Goddess of Love, The Primal Goddess, The Initiator, The Wise Woman, The Weaver Dreamer, The Queen of Death, and The Alchemical Goddess.

[toggle title=”Q: I noticed that our membership includes a Seed Activation session. What is that? “]A: A Seed Activation is a 90 minute 1:1 session with Elayne to activate your threads of remembrance and to deepen into what it is you are truly called to be and do in this lifetime.
Elayne reviews your Archetypal Resonance Quiz and builds you a personal altar, takes a photo of it, and sends it to you. This can truly deepen the work we’re doing in the mysterium.
You may go here to read more about it:

Disclaimer & Cancellation Policy

Click here to read the disclaimer and the agreement field for this program.