What is a Modern Day Priestess?

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1:1 Seed Activation

A one-off, 90 minute deep-dive to access & activate the seed of who you came here to be

Like a seed syllable in a mantra,
there is a sacred sound that lives within us,
a seed that yearns to be expressed.
It is the potency of your gorgeous divinity, your unmistakable being-ness.
It is who you are with no effort,
with no trying.
It is what simply exudes from you when you are in alignment with it.

Each one of us carries within us an encoded seed. Within it is a blueprint of how we are being called to serve in the world.

This is our core expression, a frequency … an energy.

It is unique to every single one of us; it is our life purpose to recognize this seed and nurture it into the beauty it holds within.

I sense you landed here because you are called to activate this seed.


  • Archetypal Assessment—discover which archetypes are living through you and yearning for deeper expression at this time
  • 90 minute live, 1:1 session—recorded so that you can keep it and review anytime you want
  • Grounded practices—to integrate and bring into action from the session


  • Create sacred space for you to get centered, quiet, and receive your inner wisdom and knowing
  • Discover—the faces of the Divine Feminine you feel called embody
  • Reveal apparent archetypal challenges
  • Explore how you apparently obscure your Essence
  • Deepen in unconditional love
  • Open energetic space for your Essence gifts to emerge
  • Make new agreements with your soul based upon the seed that is now activated
  • Create potent practices to translate your seed to a real world plan of action

Sister, the truth is: I delight in who you are. I am actually madly in love with who you are at the deepest level of your being … and there is nothing more contagious and infectious than the divine, beautiful seed of who you are!

Are you ready to open to receiving the next level of your evolution?


Sacred Call of the
Ancient Priestess
eBook—the temple’s #1 best-selling book

So, my love, if you are ready to re-create your life around your sacred seeded gifts, then I am here to lovingly support you.

Let’s travel to retrieve this seed, amplifying it, so that you begin to grow within your divine being.

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