Priestess Presence Path

A Love Letter to You

Your Presence is a Gift...

Hello Beloved Sister, I am so delighted and honored that you are here.

This is a sacred place where women ‘get’ that their presence is a delicious gift.

A sensory place where you find your powerful voice; where you fully embrace your divinely-given passion, sensuality and depth, without apology.

It is a safe place where boundaries are yours to set, to laugh, to play, to forgive and let go that which is done and welcome in boundless love and worth.

This is a soul place, where you turn on and ignite your inner goddess so that you can DO and BE YOU in the world.

You arriving here is no accident.

You are here because you have a powerful stirring inside…


“Working with Elayne is to have someone stand in total love, without fear, to help call out your own courage and fierceness is quite profound. She is a wonderful midwife in this process of self-transformation, as she goes about the work fearlessly, unflinching and compassionately,…

- Erin Rasmussen, Executive Producer, Owner Reframing Media -

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 8.06.21 PM

“Before I started this program, I really wanted to step into my leadership and my power. I felt a huge calling in my heart that I could not ignore. I knew had to do something MORE with my life – which was not really working…

- Kim Carpenter, VP of Operations & Head Marketing Trainer -

krista kujat

“Thank you Elayne Kalila Doughty for the beautiful container and being the beacon, reaching out to each of us today with a personal message, I felt your call, and am so grateful. Your presence warms and awakens my heart and gives my soul space to…

- Krista Kujat -


“My love for the goddess has grown to infinite depths, my trust in my own journey has grown, and my commitment to the priestess path has been solidified. Infinitely (bold the infinitely!!!) grateful for this work. I met Kalila last year and I knew that…

- Jen Blackstock, -


“Elayne is beauty and grace in front of the room. She shows us the power of her stories. She will take you to the heart of her story all the way and you will feel her and be transformed.”

- Susie Carder, President/COO Motivating the Masses -


You know .. I don’t do a whole lot of promoting for a whole lot of other people but this woman, Elayne Kalila Doughty is epic. And I mean it. She is the real deal. Her training has turned my life upside down, right side…

- Dana Damara -


“I was so moved by our temple circle such a deep allowance of Precious Presence into the Dark. I felt so comforted, so protected, so connected to Her and to all of my dear sisters. As I listened to you, Elayne Kalila Doughty, our beautiful…

- Marjorie Gustafon Shalita -

Dana Damara

“The Priestess Presence Path has opened my eyes and heart to a new way of living. A way that I have always known existed but had forgotten. Kalia’s nurturing, intuitive, attentive wisdom elevates your heart and connection to heights you hadn’t imagined for yourself. The…

- Dana Damara -


“When she introduced me to the world of the goddess, a whole new way of being and experiencing my life opened up for me. When I moved to San Francisco from NYC, I was completely lost. My business was stagnant. My relationship wasn’t flowing. I…

- Sarah Jenks, -

“Thanks for creating this space where we can come together as women and celebrate each other. There is a change in the universe that I feel so deeply and I want to feel supported and heard both for myself and for every sister in here….

- Melanie Whittaker -

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