Discover programs that activate and support you in amplifying your feminine leadership.

First step:

Take this quiz to discover which one of the 5 faces of priestess leadership styles are most expressed in you at this time.

People drawn to this path are attracted to one, or both, of our two tracks:
  • Being in temple
  • Profound esoteric mysteries
  • Remembering their spiritual lineage(s) and spiritual gifts
  • Practicing their spirituality in devotion
  • Receiving deep, initiatory training to bring love to any personal wounding (shadow work), knowing it’s in service to the collective
Sacred Business

Creating, clarifying, and/or expanding
your sacred business so that it’s aligned
with your soul mission

Leading Ceremonies

Guiding temples, holding circles,
leading ceremonies (online or in person),
and using ritual as a transformative art

—Sacred Business Programs—

Step 3: Empower Accelerator—coming soon
Step 4: Empower Incubator
Step 5: Business Academy—coming soon
Step 6: Masterclasses


—Ceremonial Leadership Programs—

Step 1: 5 Faces of Priestess Leadership Self Study
Step 2: Temple Guide Training Self Study (start anytime)
Step 3: Temple Guide Training Live Immersion (1x/year)
Step 4: Empower Incubator
Step 5: Temple Guide Training Certificate Level (1x/year)















Deepening Packages






to reclaim & illuminate your sacred arts of feminine leadership.

This powerful course supports you to understand your unique style of priestess leadership so that you can emanate this gift out into the world.


to reclaim & illuminate your sacred arts of feminine leadership.

This powerful course supports you to understand your unique style of priestess leadership so that you can emanate this gift out into the world.

You’ll receive:
  • 5 recorded temple transmissions
  • Workbook & journal—so you can focus on the remembrance and activation of all 5 faces in your daily life
  • Gorgeous welcome packet & preparation guide
  • List of supplies & resources to enhance your sacred time
  • Lush, beautifully designed handouts
  • Beautiful online “Mothership” (members’ only area) so you can return to all your course materials over and over again
This course will support you to:
  • Identify your unique, individual combination of priestess leadership styles—there are 10 possible combinations!
  • Experience the feeling embodiment of the 5 frequencies of leadership: Midwife, Mystic, Challenger, EdgeWalker, and Ecstatic
  • Receive practices that expand our capacity to embody our strongest leadership styles—and strengthen those we find challenging
  • Discover how to embody them in every aspect of your life
  • Expand your capacity to embody your strongest leadership style
  • Activate leadership styles you find challenging
  • Uncover any resistance and fear to stepping forward in your purpose
  • Understand how your leadership styles impact your family, relationships, and sacred work



to manifest 1 online offering.

With the temple’s team by your side, you’ll receive simple skills/tools needed to elegantly design, invite, build, birth, and share that program you’ve been wanting to launch online. We are truly an amazing team of pragmatic creatives that design and implement heart-aligned systems of sacred business.

We will help you stay accountable and provide practical support.

  • 5 Masterclasses (pre-recorded)
  • 5 Live Q&As with group coaching
  • 1 in-depth review of one landing page from the temple’s copywriter & oracle, Rebecca; includes a card reading for your offering & suggestions for improvement ($222 value)
  • 1 personalized feedback around your business structure & systems from Em Boden ($497 value)
  • 1 review of your curriculum from Elayne Kalila ($300 value)
  • 1 hour of individual mini-laser coaching with Flora Ware at the end of the Incubator to help get your offering launched (2 x 30min sessions) ($297 value)
  • Members’ Only area to house all your incubator information—forever!
  • Private FB Group to receive timely feedback, support, coaching, and encouragement ($997 value)
You’ll receive:
  • 5 Masterclass Topics: Curriculum Design; Intuitive Copywriting; Online Business Structures; Launch Announcement Event; Social Media
  • Laser coaching that supports you to move through the real time blocks
  • Group coaching with LIVE Q&As
  • Direct feedback & suggestions on your online classes/events
  • Accountability to launch ONE online offering
  • Practical support
You’ll Learn: 
  • An archetypal structure to hold transformational space—applicable to any kind of offering, whether it’s an hour class, a day-long retreat, or a long course
  • Creative, fun, and effective ways to design your offerings and curriculums
  • How to write heartfelt copy that’s powerful, aligned, and compelling
  • Simple back-end systems so that you don’t get lost in over-complication: let’s make this simple!
  • How to set up a magnetizing launch event to enroll others into your class/event
  • Ways to understand your offerings as “stackable”
  • Powerful ways to use social media to call-in your ideal community
  • Determining the financial value of your work and the heart contribution to ask for
  • Simple tech to build pages, use email, receive payment, and deliver content
  • The temple’s best ‘funnels’

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to create temple circles either online or in-person.

This unique training distills some of the most powerful sacred tools into bite-sized skill sets that can be directly apply to your life.

This training will be offered in 3 options:
  • Self Study only
  • Self Study & intensive group coaching
  • Self Study, intensive coaching & in person retreat
You’ll receive:
  • Practical, step by step teachings, tools, and activations to support you as you explore what it means for you to step into the role of the Temple Guide.
  • Over 33 teaching videos – guiding you and supporting you in every aspect of what you need to step into your guiding your own circles. A veritable treasure trove!
  • Worksheets, checklists and handouts that will support you to design, and set up your temple circles
  • Self assessment tools so that you can track your own progress and see where you need to deepen your skill sets.
  • Modules that support you to deepen your skills of being a temple guide and offer practical input for the inevitable challenges and growth rings that this work will bring to you.
  • Safe, loving container of sisterhood in a private, alchemical Facebook temple
This training will support you to:
  • Connect with what is calling you to be a Priestess Temple Guide
  • Learn the core skills of being a Temple Guide.
  • Explore the art of creating transformational rituals and ceremonies—in person and online
  • Ground your skills so you can hold space for healing
  • Understand the sacred architecture of ritual space
  • Guide others in archetypal journeys and meditations
  • Create a successful flow in your temple circles
  • Utilize amazing worksheets and planning tools
  • Craft your own ceremonies and rituals—learning, step-by-step what elements are needed and why
  • Connect with your Priestess leadership archetype so you can tailor circles to your specific gifts
  • Call-in a circle
  • Be in sacred leadership within your sacred business—including when and what to charge, how to negotiate boundaries, and create clear agreement fields

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