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Feel the honeysuckle against your skin.
Bathe in the elixir of love.
Celebrate the full bloom of abundance in your life!

Summer Solstice is such a potent time for us to relish the abundance in our lives … the abundance that we have been seeding and manifesting since the new year.

How has your garden been growing, sister? Do you feel the rewards of all that you have been nurturing and tending?

Let’s dance in celebration. Let’s feel the golden rose-pink honeyed light of Her Love upon us as we activate and amplify our gifts during Summer Solstice.

This is the time to throw rose petaled-bliss in the air, filled with our open-hearted devotion to Her, while honoring that which we’ve created so far this year!

Here is a delicious love + abundance potion that you can make on Summer Solstice and begin drinking on Fall Equinox.


1 Bottle of Brandy
Rose Petals
1 Vanilla Pod
Raw Honey
Your Heart!

  • Take a wide necked mason jar make sure it is cleaned and sterilized (with boiling water is good!)
  • Place a handful of rose petals (make sure they are organic, loves!)
  • As you place the rose petals, speak aloud what you are LOVING in your life. What you are SO GRATEFUL FOR. Take all the time you need here.
  • Now, add the vanilla bean pod. What blessing are you placing into this elixir?
  • Add in honey (as much as you feel inspired to!). Name all the sweetness in your life.
  • Pour in the brandy. As you do, what abundance are you calling forth?
  • Once the jar is filled, place the top on it. Shake it and place it on your altar.
  • Each day, turn the jar upside down; let the contents move and add in your blessings. Make this a conscious practice.
  • Wait until Fall Equinox and use it in your harvest celebrations.

Last night I learned how to be a lover of God
To live in this world and call something my own
I looked inward
And the beauty of my own emptiness
Filled me till dawn
It enveloped me like a mine of rubies
Its hue clothed me in red silk
Within the cavern of my soul
I heard the voice of the lover crying
Drink now! Drink now!
I took a sip and saw the vast ocean
wave upon wave caressed my soul
The lovers of God dance around
And the circle of their steps
becomes a ring of fire around my neck
Heaven calls me with its rain and thunder
A hundred thousand cries
Yet I cannot hear
All I hear is the call of my Beloved
-Rumi, In the Arms of the Beloved
(Translated by Jonathan Star)